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We are so very excited to announce that The Backsmiths is re-opening; however, due to COVID-19 still being a very real factor in all of our lives, we have several changes to how we will be operating:

  • Masks are mandatory. For you to come to your appointment, you must wear a mask (surgical or cloth) the whole time you're in the clinic. The only time you might be able to take it off is when face down for treatment. Once face up, you will need to put it back on. If you don't have a mask, or forget it, we will have masks available for you.

  • COVID-19 screening will be performed. When you receive your appointment reminder email, there will be a link to a COVID-19 screening. You will need to fill it out. After we get the results, if we believe it is not safe for you to come in, we will then follow up with you to either reschedule or direct you to a COVID-19 testing facility. IN ADDITION, we will screen you the day of your appointment. You will simply wait in your car or on the sidewalk for us to come screen you.

  • Payment methods. We will continue to accept all forms of payments, but we would greatly appreciate no cash. All major credit cards, debit, e-transfers, and direct billing would be our preference.

What we're doing to ensure a safe clinic.

In addition to the item listed above, here are the other procedures we're adding:

  • Additional 15 minutes between appointments for cleaning and screening. Cleaning a treatment room will include; treatment table; door knobs; light switch; chair(s); sink; hard surfaces (i.e. desks, side tables); laptop, phones, tablets; PPE (i.e. face shields, gloves); POS system; laundry; pillows; reusable face masks.

  • We are closing the waiting room. To lessen the need to clean, all chocolates, coffee (yes sadly the coffee), magazines, etc. have been removed for our waiting room. People will not be allowed to wait for their appointments inside and instead will need to be screened outside the clinic as mentioned above.

  • Hand sanitizer and masks will be available to clients.

  • Bathroom will be cleaned and disinfected after every use.

  • A third hand washing station has been installed in the gym.

  • Air purifiers are on order and one will be in every treatment room. 

  • PPE will be worn by our team (masks, gloves, sanitizer, and face shields) for treatments.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Chris at

For additional information regarding provincial updates or to complete a self-assessment, visit

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